About Ordinary Practice

Ordinary Practice is a blog about life as a follower of Jesus. It’s also a guide and a call to action.

It asks some questions:

“When did we give up following and imitating the Son of God to become church-goers?”
“When did Christianity become a spectator sport for religious consumers?”
“Why does Jesus have respect in our culture, but Christians do not?”
“What does it look like when ordinary people follow Christ and act as He does?”

This blog is here to explore what it looks like to be that ordinary follower: a person who bypasses the wasteful and destructive practices of “institutional Christendom.” It’s about living in such a way that when people see and hear us, they see and hear Jesus.

It’s not about complaining about the institutional church, it’s about moving on. It’s about each ordinary believer adopting his or her own mission, honing his or her own practice, and finding community with others who share those things. It’s about good works, community and growth, the very things we were rescued and reclaimed for.

It’s about learning the art of rescue, reconciliation and restoration. It’s about reclaiming all the practices lost in the process of becoming mere church-goers.

One Response to “About Ordinary Practice”

  • Jim Kubiak:

    Hi Jim:

    Received Linda’s e-mail and just checked out both of your web sites – awesome! Blessings to you both as you continue your missional outreach where you live and online!

    Been reading and experiencing much lately in the “supernatural” realm of the Kingdom – prophetic, healing, deliverance, miracles, etc. Very much a part of Christ’s, the disciples and the church’s mission. Powerful moves of God springing up all across the country.

    Kathy is now working at home with me in the development of educational resources (DVD’s, etc.) and handling the administrative end of the business. Good to have her here and to be partnering together in this endeavor.

    Kurtis and Jeremy will graduate this year and both are planning to attend college/university this fall. Kasey may be entering one of the armed forces soon (Air Force, Navy or Coast Guard).

    Blessings to you both!

    Jim Kubiak

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