Everybody Can Play…Part 2

disciple greekIn the previous post, I mentioned agency. We are “agents” of Christ. This is a game changer for most of us.

Most of our activity and focus orbits around church. Moreover, that focus is usually limited to one day…Sunday. Put that together with the fact that,for most of us, church on Sunday only lasts an hour or two. Now we have a problem. How does “agency for Christ” work in such a limited space and time?

The short answer is, it doesn’t. The long answer requires a bit of thought, some new habits, and a massive paradigm shift. Brad Brisco, a missional writer and leader stated recently:

“We often wrongly assume that the primary activity of God is in the church. Instead, the primary activity of God is in the world, and the church is an instrument created by God to be sent into the world to participate in what he is already doing. This will change almost everything we think and do as the church.”

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Agency for Christ is going to have to involve turning the average “Christian life” inside out. Living out our faith and serving Christ does not involve “church as we know it.” Agency takes us where we are needed: in our neighborhoods, our jobs, our community activities and in “the world.” “Church as we know it” becomes a way station where we can seek some refreshment and reconnect with our community (of agents), take care of each other and gear up for the greater mission. .¬† As agents, churches don’t define us, they become a support resource for a much larger purpose which is our mission (ministry) of reconciliation. This can be a little scary, but I have found it to be liberating and highly fulfilling.

To find out more than this blog can ever tell you about the nitty gritty details of this “life of agency for Christ” check out this book and all the related web resources for it.

The book title is: Right Here, Right Now by Lance Ford and Alan Hirsh (mostly Lance. Sorry, Al). Go to the link below.






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