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“Statements” of Faith

I teach technical classes all around the country. People often ask, “how is the class going?” My answer is always the same; “I don’t know, you should ask my students.”

You see, my impressions of what I am doing don’t mean much. The people I affect have a much better take on it. What I think about my teaching doesn’t matter.

I have known many Christians who thought they are awesome. Yet non Christians around them thought they were insensitive jerks, idiots or worse. In too many cases, I had to agree with the non Christians.

Statements of theological beliefs are absolutely meaningless if they are not backed up with actions. You can’t say you believe in God’s love when nobody around you knows you to be a loving person. You can’t say you trust God when everyone knows you to be a fearful, anxious and negative person. Your profession would be pure nonsense.

Your “statement of faith” is you actions. They are the evidence of what you believe. The best and only evidence of your “Christianity” is what you do with it.

Every person who follows Christ is a practitioner in the art of imitation. We imitate the Son of God. This is how we follow Him.

When Jesus was approached by His first two prospective followers, they asked Him where He was staying. Jesus could have answered with a lengthy explanation of His itinerary and the reasons and goals for His journey. Instead, He just answered “come and see.”

Imagine if your “statement of faith” were just “come along, you’ll see.”