“Right Here, Right Now” First Look

Right Here Right NowA new book by Lance Ford and Alan Hirsch was finally released last week. Its title is “Right Here, Right Now.” It is the newest in an emerging series of books written to and for ordinary Christians like us. Think of it as post cards from two ordinary guys inviting us into a life that is doable for any of us.

Its topic is “missional Christianity–A spunky, high impact , life-oriented, world transforming, joyous, living for Jesus our King. An outward focused, kingdom-oriented discipleship that changes our world.”

The book is not the only thing offered. The authors have put up a companion website with video, downloads and other resources to help readers.


Each chapter has a video with Lance and Al discussing and expanding on the chapter in an informal conversational format.

The downloads section of the website offers discussion guides for the individual chapters and the videos. These “Discussion Starters” are in PDF format.

There is so much more to the life of a Christ follower than attending church. We have a mission and a destiny, but few know more than just church. These two authors seem deadly serious to bring that mission and destiny to us, right here and right now.

To review:

  • “Right Here Right Now” is written for “lay” Christians to engage in their work for the Kingdom right where they are.
  • Authors are Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford. Publisher: Baker Books
  • The book is out as of this week (also in Kindle format)
  • the Website is up and running with the videos, downloads and more

This is just a preliminary “first look.” Look for a full review in the coming weeks.  In the mean time, check out the website (links above) and get the book.

If you got the book, tell us about it. Please post in the comments below

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