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From Passive to Practitioner

Being a Christian is not about beliefs. It’s about acting on beliefs. It’s about trusting Christ to the point of acting as He acts and doing as He does. It’s about learning and growing by doing.

In the letter from James, he tells us to be doers of the word, not merely hearers. In Hebrews, that writer says that the mature become so by practice.
In another part of that same letter, the writer details the examples of several people who believed God and then acted on that belief. He would say “by faith, so-and-so did such-and such .”

The point is that following Jesus is, by nature, active. Yet modern Christian culture has reduced it to going to church, ascribing to a list of beliefs, adopting the “proper” political and cultural norms, fighting sin and boredom, and wearing a good disguise when that fight isn’t going so well.

It’s time to walk away from that life and walk with Christ. It’s time to learn and grow by doing.

Do not be afraid.